Thursday, September 08, 2011

Survey out for new round of JAFA Council extortion

Just received the latest survey available online for the JAFA council.

Asking to justify their existence for the next 10 years on how their
extortionate funding request is to be extracted from the long suffering JAFA ratepayer. Services which reduce each year in direct proportion to the annual tax increase.

I've attached my tuppence worth below.

Council has to immediately slash costs instead of ramping rates every year. The cost-plus mentality has to go and the books balanced. Draft annual plans are nothing but an excuse for every 'nice to have' loony idea like rail links and walkways over the bridge to be listed for future funding by Joe Ratepayer.

Start by sheeting home the all expenditure on arts, sports facilities and funding public transport to user pays. As for central government's social engineering on the ratepayer tab, that should be stopped forthwith - give the bill to central government. Council's core job is water, parks, road maintenance, rubbish and a few other minor details like generic community facilities. Nothing else is required, certainly not the green wash that is public transport and pie-in-the-sky rail links to nowhere. It also excludes the precious unelected undemocratic race based elements that infest our councils at hideous increased expense. Along with the NIMBY contingent that oppose most private developments through every court in the land without fear of being charged ratepayer costs upon failure of their cause.

Only when the books are balanced will Joe Ratepayers like myself might see some value for the over $2000 extorted annually in property taxes. Start by telling those looking for a ratepayer handout to bugger off and go elsewhere.

You can enrol via email for the surveys here. Get registered and have your say.

But be aware, like all those that infest local and central government, they'll not take any notice of your concerns.


Gecko said...

My brother lives in Ak, wants to build at his daughters place, he had to pay 30 grand up front before they ok'd the plans etc ...... I'm gobsmacked!!

PM of NZ said...

$30K in usurious charges to build on your own property?

Gecko, a frightening number. The way I look at it is at a normal build time of say 2 months max for a 3 bedroom house, $30K would buy you 5 productive labourers on $15/hr for 8 hour days for 45 working days. And still allow $3K for an end of job, finish early or on time, piss up.

Then one looks at $30K of user pay fees extorted for the non-productive bureaucracy infesting the local council.

Yeah right!