Saturday, September 17, 2011

Judge allows terrorists to walk

Police did not hide the fact of filming to the judge who granted the search warrants but the judge's implication in activity beyond the lawful authority of the police was another troubling feature of the case

So meanwhile the Police using normal processes are made out to be criminals in this case of 'murder and mayhem'. And would be terrorists get off scot free.

Fault lies squarely with the useless Judiciary looking to cover one of their own incompetents.


Anonymous said...

And people wonder why 2 Para, GSG-9, Spetznas, DEVGRU don't arrest IRA hit teams, the Red Army Fraktion, Armenian separatists & Osama.

NZ could have been free from terrorists & activists for a generation. Now it looks like they'll be in parliament!

PM of NZ said...

Anon, freedom from terrorists and activists in NZ will never happen as long as there is pandering to separatists. There will always be those with their hands out offering menace and threats. The grievance industry that emanates from the Waitangi Tribunal is the root cause. We had our chance to remove the core terrorists and our judiciary let them off.

dondiego said...

They are in parliament. The King of them, Pita Sharples, is spending-up large, as we type even.
YOU will pay for apartheid- the failed state (yes, worse than now) needs my money to happen.
N.Z. gets worse and worse...