Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Waterfront 60 Years On: Unionised locked out again [update]

The Government will use special powers under Rugby World Cup legislation to take control of the Auckland waterfront

You'd think they'd learn. With Liarbour flunkies again proving themselves unable to take the skin off a rice pudding, the National government again mans up to the plate and puts the unionised in their place. Same as 60 years ago when the unionised were previously reminded of their place on the waterfront.

No wonder the boy reported the meeting this morning as 'convivial' when in truth he was probably carpeted.

Some might say lockout possibly may not work in National's favour as now doubt every lefty and unionist in JafaLand will board the trains looking to press emergency buttons...

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mawm said...

This is really quite funny and I don't think it is nasty in any way, but then I'm not a natural born citizen.

I hope that no one is offended.