Friday, September 16, 2011

Appeal on technicality gets terrorists off [update]

footage captured by police shows the group carrying out military training exercises in 2006 and 2007

So it was nothing to do with the lack of terrorists or the law as written. It was the coppers spiked on a technicality. IMHO all remain forever tarnished with the original charge of being terrorists.

No wonder there has been no hurry to make changes to the anti-terrorism laws. What an absolute cock-up.

there seems to be no question that the police did act throughout in the genuine belief that the group's leaders at least posed a real threat to public safety if they were not investigated and stopped

Says it all. That threat remains extant today with these separatists.

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mawm said...

So all this PC'ness allows a bunch of separist thugs, who are obviously aiming to destabilise NZ, get away with it. We'll be singing as we are marched off to the gas chambers.