Friday, September 30, 2011

Flying PIGS spotted in the South Pacific

the downgrading of New Zealand's credit rating is "ugly"

As Smile and Wave puts off the evil day of reckoning till he has his hand firmly on the tiller post-election, a couple of ratings agencies don't like seeing PIGS airborne in the South Pacific and suggest we are the next porker for the chopping block.

How's that 'booming' Chinese economy and all that borrowing on the taxpayer tab looking now John Boy?


KG said...

And Key and English were taken totally by surprise. Amazed, they were. They had no idea this was coming....


It also confirms Liarbour is even less affordable.
Gaffe and Cunliffe's position is now even weaker.
Only Don Brash is strengthened by this.

Mort said...

$300m a week and counting... complete surprise....

what a fucking moron!

must have been too busy filling out rental expense claim forms to notice the mounting bill he collecting on behalf of his children's grandchildren