Friday, September 30, 2011

This thing wants to be an MP?

Mr Bott said innocent pupils were routinely singled out for random drug searches, which were "deemed OK by virtue of their age and the fact that they're compelled to attend the school".

"Most citizens would not be prepared to accept random searching at will by police. It's offensive to the Bill of Rights Act to have random searching without proper cause."

It is high time his precious source of employment, the BORA, was amended to reflect the rights of real New Zealanders. Not the rights of a few willing to go against the grain dealing drugs and pushing a civil liberties barrow when caught. In my view, routine or not so random searches do not impinge on anyone's perceived rights.

Mr Plod, you have a job to do as tasked by the law on drugs. Do it, stop playing politics.

The fact that kids are a captive audience does not make one bit of difference. They need hardening up for real world workplace drug testing for employment. This woolly thinking is exactly why the drugged up yoof of today figure high in unemployment stats. Too scared of failing the requisite workplace drug tests. I suppose this thing would also argue that a workplace has a captive audience, thus is not random testing and would affect some drugged up co-workers' right to peddle drugs in the workplace.

This thing wants to be the Liarbour MP in my electorate? IMHO, lawyers dabbling in such trade rate exactly where I rate MPs. Something I wouldn't waste my time scraping off my gumboots.


Redbaiter said...

"Something I wouldn't waste my time scraping off my gumboots."

Damn right. I saw that backbenches thing teh other night, for the first time ever, and there were two thugs on (Harawira and Shane Jones) and the nancy boy Simon Bridges.

WTF are we doing with such thugs, oafs and wimps in parliament? They're all utterly worthless.

Oswald Bastable said...

I recall him going before a parole board, telling them a piece of subhuman excrement was ready to be released.

Scumbag was back inside in just over a week.

Pity about the girl on the recieving end of a particularly nasty sexual assault...