Thursday, September 22, 2011

Liarbour sides with criminals

Labour says it will not support the Government's proposed legal patch-up to enable police to undertake covert video surveillance

Took the fence sitting Fill-in-Phil a week, but he has put his stake in the ground.

He favours the criminals. Liarbour was always soft on law and order.

He would do well to remember it was poorly written Liarbour legislation that caused this problem.


Anonymous said...

Property owners are criminals now? What are you some sort of Marxist?

"it was poorly written Liarbour leglislation (sic) that caused this problem."

The Nats introduced it in 2009 Einstein. Is this blog satire?

PM of NZ said...

The useless anti-terrorist legislation that gave rise to this issue was Liarbour legislation.

If you require satire, see the Dim Post - Dan does it well.

Anonymous said...

No it wasn't. That couldn't be more ill-informed if you were trying. Perhaps you were. Maybe you should stick to ranting about the homos and how Obama was born in Kenya.

PM of NZ said...

The Terrorism Suppression Act 2002 is a piece of anti-terrorism legislation from New Zealand.

In the first test of the Act, during the 2007 New Zealand anti-terror raids, the Solicitor-General declined to press charges under it, because the legislation was too complex.

On 8 November 2007, the Solicitor General declined to prosecute under the Terrorism Suppression Act, citing insufficient evidence, and described the legislation as "complex and incoherent", and "almost impossible to apply to domestic circumstances

And remind me which party was in government writing crap legislation and wrecking NZ's economy from 1999-2008?

You have some inside running on Mbama's birth place?

Anonymous said...

The Terrorism Suppression Act has nothing to do with "this problem". What makes you think it does?

PM of NZ said...

"The Government says controversial fixit legislation it wants to introduce to Parliament under urgency next week is needed because a Supreme Court ruling on the Urewera terror trials means 40 prospective trial and 50 police operations are at risk. "

Via the link in my original post.

I stand by my interpretation that the root cause is crap Liarbour legislation. If it had been written properly all 18 terrorists would have been locked up 4 years ago.

Anonymous said...

What terrorists?

It's the Nats' crap Search and Surveillance Act that's at issue. But if you can't see a birth certificate when it's put in front of your nose, you're really going to battle with this. That's why you want the state to be able to break into your house and plant cameras. It's freedom!

PM of NZ said...

"Search and Surveillance Act"

I think you'll find that is not an Act, but a Bill in progress. One that is to resolve the crap Liarbour legislation that preceded it. In other words, not law yet.

As for the other matter, do you have a non-photoshopped copy of the birth certificate?