Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The non-productive burden that farmers carry...

  • the Regional Council, staff and councillors
  • projects like Clean Streams
  • other land sustainability initiatives
  • farmer/land care groups/councillors
  • Russel Norman visited
  • Our council spent a day on and around the lagoon recently
  • farmers come in to present their case/pleas to us
  • a sheep farmer with very strong views about the dairying
  • a woman who farms in the catchment
  • meetings with Nick Smith
  • iwi
  • Fish and Game
  • a LandCare group
  • DairyNZ reps
  • Fonterra
  • person to person talks with Metiria and Russel as well as Jeanette and the two Southern Green candidates
  • a long, intense and fruitful talk with Natty Eric Roy
  • Leslie Soper, Labour candidate

From a comment on a post I saw the other day listing the mostly non-productive 'assisting' the legitimate business of farming near some shithole swamp in Southland. Apparently been often used as a sewer over the past 150 years, now some vociferous locals want it cleaned. But I'm sure that is not a definitive list of the non-productive.

Is it any wonder farmers often bitch about interference in their businesses?

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Mort said...

What is it with these greenies? they don't seem to mind expending a bit of bio-organic hydrocarbons producing a bit of CO2 when a photo shot is the order of the day. Or am I wrong, and did they sail across cook straight and then bike down to Southland?

hypocritical c*nts