Thursday, August 11, 2011

You voted for this thieving socialist???

Aucklanders could pay between $1 and $3 to drive on the city's motorways to pay for the inner city rail loop

Mayor Len Brown yesterday praised a "simple and straightforward" proposal for a regionwide toll on every on-ramp to the motorway of $3 in peak hours, $1 in the off-peak and $2 at other times

Growing ever more desperate for his white elephant inner city rail loop, Lyen Len looks to further tax the crap out of motorists who do not give a toss about his bloody public transport.

And you voted for him?


Anonymous said...

This waste of space can just F right off - why the hell should all of Auckland fund a loop for the central city - I don't even go there!!


Anonymous said...

And by the way - he didn't get my vote either.....