Monday, August 22, 2011

JAFA ratepayers about to be stiffed by Lyen Len again

$23 million cost so they say. I'll believe that when I see the clip-on in use and the true build cost revealed.

But anyway, $2 toll per crossing will require 1575 push bikers every single day of the year for 20 years. Without allowing any cost for Len's bureaucracy to collect the toll. Or bad weather days.

I doubt if these plonkers have ever been stopped on one of the current clip-ons in gusty inclement weather as does happen on the very exposed bridge and noticed how much movement there is in the road deck. I have. In years past, for a number of hours, as a high sided furniture truck did a dead ants act ahead of me, nearly launching itself over the railing. What amazed me was the road deck vertical and lateral movement with each gust of wind. And you're going to clip more exposed load onto those already weakened structures?

As usual with such pie in the sky vote catchers, seen to be doing something, anything, something stinks with the accounting being used to market this project. A diversion from Lyen Len's real aim, a rail loop to nowhere from nowhere.

I'm about to get stiffed by Lyen Len for more unnecessary, unwanted taxes.

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