Monday, August 29, 2011

BREAKING NEWS: Priorities...

  • $28K plus to keep fed and watered for a couple of months
  • A veritable army of doctors on call 24x7
  • Access to the finest fare and drugs as required
  • World media watching every dump
  • Free overseas trip with entourage courtesy of taxpayer
  • Diplomatic immunity - no passport required
  • Breathless reporting on Te News tonight

Yes, we
here in New Zealand have our priorities firmly on track.

Now only if our children had the same attention each with $180K pa.


Andrei said...

Yes - exactly.

I wonder how many cute little lambs got their throats cut to earn the dosh that paid that bill?

KG said...

The key to it, of course, is sentimentality.
We live in an age of bugger-all empathy and fellow-feeling, but we're awash with sickly media-generated sentimentality.
And people are too damn ignorant to know the difference.