Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Goodbye ACT, how's National looking now Adolf? [updated]

a level of discontent around being taken for granted

Being taken for granted is certainly what John Boy has done with the conservative vote over the past three years. All bets are now off.
  • introduction of a binding citizens initiated referendum
  • reducing the size of parliament
  • repealing the Marine and Coastal Area Act
  • repealing emissions trading scheme
  • scheme requiring people to work to receive welfare
  • tougher sentences for violent crime
  • legislation raising the drinking age to 20

Yep, ticks a lot of my boxes. Much better than wasting a vote on Winnie just to stir the pot.

How's that NACTional lead looking now Adolf?

Took the test - 18/19 - SOEs should be sold, there being no reason for a government being in business


Adolf Fiinkensein said...

No worries at all, PM. National is just fine.

I should have added you to my list. Now it's only 494 names you will have to steal from the country's war memorials.

PM of NZ said...

So who are the other 4? Where might we see your list?

As for stealing names from war memorials, that's a very disturbed mind you seem to have there Adolf.


I was intrigued to see Colin Craig attack Act for being a "party of millionaires."
Now, what is Mr Craig?
Anyway, I will investigate the new party a little further before commenting more.
But what did happen to that other right wing party that was set up.
Wasn't it called Reform, or something?

KG said...

Add me. With a score of 18.

KG said...

The guy's website is bloody useless though--he calls for support but gives no links, no addresses!

PM of NZ said...

KG, looks like he's scripting the site as the night (or bottle of plonk) wears on.

He now has a Join Up button with a form which downloads as a file without the .pdf extension on it.

KG said...

Great! Thanks PM.

KG said...

Still it's bloody useless, PM. The form will download ok but doesn't he realise that it's 2011?
How many people will not bother downloading a form, filling it out and posting it?
He urgently needs online registration and an email addy.
In large part, a savvy electronic media team is what gets people elected nowadays.
It's not 1950, fer gawdsakes!

PM of NZ said...

Thought the same there KG. I had to add the .pdf extension to get it to open properly.

You'd think a paper billionaire might be able to tap resources to design a website.