Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A bunch of blouses we have become

Our Air Farce is the laughing stock around the world without a combat wing.

The public get their knickers in a twist over matelots having a drink or two too many.

And now, sheilas to are to do the dirty work for the grunts*.

Oh, what a bunch of blouses our men at arms have become in just over a decade.

* In case you civvies were wondering, Grunt = Government Reject Unfit for Naval Training


Mort said...

the UK have had selection available for women for 10 years, but none have made it. Having said that, If a chick is tough enough to make it, then my money would be on her rather than a raghead. She would offer a tactical advantage too... those burka could hide a lot of kit
Is the thinking that if someone is good enough for the regiment, then why waste 2 years before getting them in? Not many in the SAS are over 36, so potentially giving then an additional 2 years active service is probably a good thing.

KG said...

"..then why waste 2 years before getting them in?"
Because it's not a waste. The two years will show up all kinds of character quirks and in any case it takes that long to absorb the culture and mentality of Army life.
An additional two years of active service is (for SAS) largely theoretical, since few members stay in long enough for age to become a problem. Those that do, generally go on to become instructors and are much valued in that role.

This is all about a female in charge of recruiting trying to get a "trophy female" into a unit which isn't and never will be suitable for women.

Mort said...

fair points KG