Monday, August 15, 2011

Internet outage Dannevegas area? UPDATE 2 - NZ WIDE - See comments

Finally back online (partially) after an hour or more.

Vf and Xtra down.

Many sites still unavailable like NZ Herald and Stuff. Few Google links work.

Did you miss me?

[Update 2]
VF says initial fault fixed but now also still having connectivity issues. Been absolutely crap for browsing via Vodem since 1220.


Justin said...

Most overseas sites are still unavailable. No word on whats going on.

Andrei said...

I guess a DNS sucked the kumera.

Something like that anyway

PM of NZ said...

Finally got onto VF site for network status - a country wide issue, affecting all ISPs - you'd think that there might be some DNS failover redundancy.

On top of that VF could actually stick the network message on the homepage - all the ads loaded about an hour ago, being a .co.nz site, but the bloody most important bit, the help page would not load.

International sites are slowly coming up but very patchy.