Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A patsy has been found

It's been almost 3 years since the rout of the socialists*. Since then Liarbour has been haemorrhaging support left and right. Literally. The polls have tanked. Infighting has erupted, awash with denial and counterclaim.

All because no one was game to replace goody two shoes Fill-n-Phil the Caretaker. No-one wanted 'Lost Election 2011' on their CV.

Seems now that a patsy has been located. One that has nothing to lose having already been caught 'hands on' for ... how shall I put it ... certain 'indulgences'. A brawler from way back by all counts.

Definitely nothing to lose, one who would be certainly sent to the knackers yard with failure come late November. But if perchance this rank outsider does surmount the barrier, the patsy will be feted. Indeed, I'd wager, nothing short of a messianic epic.

Dear Readers, The word is Liarbour's newest great hope, their Minister of Porn, is about to jump a place or two in the race to become the next Dear Leader.

* Well, almost. Unfortunately National stepped left into their lukewarm shoes.


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