Thursday, August 25, 2011

Liarbour MP takes the hit for the party

Seen to be passionately and publicly 'not on message' in recent days, the MP for Dunners South has backed down, issuing a half-arsed apology. The Party sheeple will believe it as such, if you believe it to be anything other than a publicity stunt from a spin doctor.

Typical expected result from a politician. Those higher up the food chain enforce such matters, surprised it took so long. Roarprawn sums up the sentiment on show to the wider public.
Your party offers nothing - the people know that and that is why Labour is facing the distinct possibility of coming close to being overtaken by the Greens who at least stand for something.

Labour is not a party of the centre left, its not the party for unionists, Its not a party for the environment, its not a party for economic growth - its just a collection of political has beens who supported policies that took our country to the brink of ruin.

It is a pity more MPs do not show their feral side, their real unsanitised conscience routinely as this member has done, garnering much, some good, some bad, but focussed publicity. Maybe a PR stunt, but it worked. The stale, clinical party messages are not working, more came out about the party in the first two posts than had been exposed in the last decade. That is, till the posts were disinfected back to 'the message'.

While I would never vote for those on the left, a word to all pollies of any shade.

Say what you really mean and stick to it.

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