Thursday, August 18, 2011

Rates increase in Tararua [update 1]

40% Rates increase Tararua Council

An almost 40% increase
in local council annual theft by property tax.

or a rural 10 acre block (not quite) with no sewerage, no footpaths, no waste collection, no water supply, no street lighting and a one lane sealed road that is lucky to see the school bus twice a day along with a milk tanker and a dozen car transits.

I didn't think inflation was that bad. Unbelievable!

[Update 1]

Have sent shittagram to Mayor via email this arvo using very reserved language. He passed it on to head revenue sherang who advises increase is indeed correct. Tough titty she says, you missed submissions. Send the Mayor and Councils a formal letter expressing dissatisfaction is her answer.

WTF? In this modern age is my email not good enough to express my disgust at this hideous impost?

Seems there was a petition around the time the now not so draft annual plan was being kicked around. Must have missed the meetings, never see any notices for things like that round these rural parts. No newspapers, any thing other than bills ends up as a fire-starter. MW Standard ran an article here back in May I've just found.

Some people think they will pay a 4.9 per cent increase, some 6 per cent, in actual fact they will pay 20 to 50 per cent.

The annual plan is either deliberately misleading and misinforming the community or unintentionally misleading and misinforming the community.

The council is supposed to be open and transparent

For DJ in comments, looks like the petition organiser DG has had his day back in May. Now the bills have hit home, I think this is going to hit the proverbial and not go away.


Dirk Juffer said...

Tararua Rate Increase

theft by property tax, you are quite right, and we have no redress, I am trying to find Mr David Gibb so that we can join the petition of 80 some signatures,

PM of NZ said...

Dirk J. - See update 1.