Tuesday, August 23, 2011

National: So far left of centre...

the criticism from the left posted on Red Alert appears to be a longing for Labour to be more like National without being, you know, more like National

Liarbour supporters wholeheartedly wish to emulate National, but not in name. Sounds just like the reverse of the aptly named RINOs in the USA being try-hard lefties.

Long may the infighting and white-anting continue at Red Lerts. Their true stance has surfaced in recent days as none are game to stick the knife into their leader pre-election. None want to be tarred as having lost an election.

Then there is National, a Clayton's Labour when you're not having a leftie government, so far left of centre that even lefties strive to occupy that space.


KG said...

And that fact that National remains hugely popular demonstrates that Kiwis are socialists. Anything like real conservatism scares the hell out of 'em.
The Program has succeeded--what once were tough, self-reliant people are now pretty pink sheeple.

PM of NZ said...

Yup, KG.

Was also thinking about those feral tree huggers that are now doing so well courtesy of Red Lert MPs that have also shown their true colours.

Not the 'nice, pleasant, do anything for the planet' sometimes watermelon greens, but out and out hardened communists filling the redistribution void on the extreme left being rapidly vacated by traditional unionised lefties. But then I always knew their real place in the political spectrum.

I yearn for a point of difference on the real Right. ACT promises so much, but their vehicle is for the knackers. The CCCP appears stillborn. WRP still looks good for entertainment value.

Mort said...

Unfortunately the sheeples have been conditioned to think that Nation offers Business friendly solutions, when in reality, they are just too damn scared to change anything the previous liarbore administration brought in. Hell they even rehash or comlete the process for Liarbore.... look at s59 repeal, the Electoral financing, and the biggest wealth raper the RMA... all National socialist Acts