Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Soft touch NZ about to be a dumping ground. Again.

refugees New Zealand accepted would have to be "UN certified"

Not content with the greatest living New Zealander putting a down payment on her next job back in 2001, soft touch New Zealand is again putting its hand up for more illegal aliens. To be the dumping ground of choice in the South Seas.

Sometime I do wonder if there is anyone employed in the higher echelons of border security.

I say export all illegals directly back to source. Without fear or favour.

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KG said...

These people aren't "refugees" at all, and even if they were, they're queue jumpers.
But I guess Kiwis will get a nice warm fuzzy glow out of importing the primitive bastards.
That is, until there are enough of them to form street gangs, Melbourne style....
Jesus wept! NZ'ers are looking down the barrel of rising costs and depressed wages and the taxpayers will have to fund this lot!
When will they wake up to the fact that Key is Helun Mk2, albeit with better teeth and a squeakier voice?