Friday, August 05, 2011

The appropriate sentence would normally be 12 months...

will serve 200 hours community service and has been ordered to pay back the full amount of money she stole, in addition to four months of home detention

A ex-bank teller steals $25K and gets a holiday at home with some community make work scheme. And gets to pay it back at the cost of a couple packets of fags a week.

No wonder there is zero respect for the laws and authority in this country. The thieving cow gets off effectively scot free to sit at home and blagging to her mates how she's seen the system off. That's why there are such things as jail time, it is a very necessary part of the criminals' rehabilitation and reparation process, a time for contemplation.

Nothing like a few cold early morning starts in a cell block and the fear of being done over by other inmates to put crims back on the straight and narrow. And the victim will have extracted their pound of flesh.

This idea of a HomeD holiday is beyond me. Nearly as bad the 'restorative' conferences held with natives which are just another excuse to get time off. In my book, it should be jail without parole every time.


Anonymous said...

Or that iwi fellow who stole 150k.
He owns a nightclub etc. but gets to pay back 20k at 25 a week.
The law have no problem taking all the possesions of someone found growing a bit off pot though.

PM of NZ said...

And why not anon? There's very good reasons why certain drugs are deemed illegal.