Thursday, August 18, 2011

Hair splitting by any other name

5 Months ago:
"highly intrusive"

Yesterday or so:
payment cards to about 2600 young beneficiaries to ensure their benefits are spent on essentials

Via Liarbour:
the unemployment figure for 15-24-year-olds as a record 58,000

Early today:
there was little interest in extending the payment card

A few minutes ago:
would be pre-preemptive to rule anything out

Cause for extreme hair splitting by the desperates as they try to finger Bennett whilst inflating figures to cover a larger but unintended swathe of bennies. Lefties continue to clutch at straws and fling mud everywhere hoping some might stick.

They ignore the fact that these yoof have to learn that if you want my taxes to pay for your unaffordable lifestyles, there are stringent conditions. Conditions which unfortunately were not enforced as they glided through their taxpayer funded education in the first 15 or so years, in most cases with less than mediocre outcomes. NCEA 1 in Hip Hop or Native Dancing does not set you on the right path with necessary life skills.

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