Friday, August 26, 2011

NZ in thrall of socialists

Key told United States diplomats all New Zealanders have a "socialist streak"

Words well proven by his deeds these past three years. To the detriment of all New Zealanders.


KG said...

Exactly. And Redbaiter has a great post up on this too.
The little pinko has been outed. :)

Sally said...

He is a total disgrace to the National party. Unprincipled pratt!

dondiego said...

He's a liar, a traitor. That was evident from early on. Now we have proof(?) he has mis-read those he Lords over.

Anonymous said...

my socialist streak is the one I leave on the porcelain after a particularly nasty dump

Anonymous said...

He can speak for himself. I am not a bloody socialist. The guy should join
Labor and help them out with their polling.