Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Liarbour unleashing army of unamed letter writing zombies?

A Wellington woman has written a letter to Prime Minister John Key spelling out the human cost of public service job cuts

the woman, who does not want to be named

She admits she did not vote National

A letter writer who wishes to remain anon? One who is 'compelled' to write a supposedly private letter to the obviously uncaring Smile and Wave expressing her concerns. Then rings a newspaper to tell the world? And her confidante to ensure MSM traction is a homosexual Liarbour MP?

One wonders if there is an army of such letter writing zombies.

IMHO, nothing but an election stunt by a Liarbour stooge.


pdm said...

PM - I think her name was Annette - lol.

PM of NZ said...

PDM, I'd wager that the surname begins with K. That thought had already crossed my mind, but at 60 something for her dear old mum, that's way to young.

Murray said...

Yeah we've seen this before.

Bet Goff things shes a very attractive woman too.