Thursday, August 18, 2011

Coming your way: A shocker

can expect a shock for their next power bill after chewing through record amounts of electricity in the latest cold snap

At least here I can say the next power bill will not bring any shocks.

With zero electric heating used over the past week or so, we've done our bit and more for global warming carbonising truckloads of macrocarpa. Long may it continue at a toasty 20 degrees plus inside.

Do you regret burning your $20 notes powered by dirty evil coal fired power stations?


Mort said...

hmm electricity generated at 3-5c onsold for 20+ and no sir, nothing to see here, move along. We have some turbines which generate at 15c+ to subsidize. What, you're cold... FFS what is wrong with you people, why can't you winter in Fiji, or tropical Australia?
What do you mean, the local council took away your right to a fireplace and thus meant you are reliant on electricity for heating?
Will you just stop being so problematic, and pay your IRD3 bill before we cut you off

PM of NZ said...

Sums it up beautifully Mort.