Friday, August 05, 2011

Doing the *Right* thing

Even the ACToids see danger behind every Right but non-NACTional vote.
if Colin Craig tries to split the vote in Epsom, and if Labour and Green voters vote for the National candidate, there is the potential ACT could be out of parliament all together

Of their own making I say as they descend into history.

As I have long said this blogger will not be doing the *right* thing come Nov 26th. Should that result in Fill In Phil cobbling together a coalition of the damned, all well and good.

I believe there are more than a few very pissed off taken for granted voters who held their nose in supporting National last elections and have not seen expected results. Instead of savage cuts to welfare, bureaucracy and government to stabilise our economy, we have seen relentless pandering to natives and never ending socialism by stealth.

Fearless Phil might as well have another bite to totally wreck our country. There is no point of difference from NACTional to Liarbour. I wish Mr Craig well in his fight to get New Zealand back on track and this blogger will be doing the Right thing on Nov 26th.

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