Monday, August 22, 2011

" * Comments have been closed..."

With 55 per cent of school children in the northern region of the North Island of Maori, Pacific Island or Asian descent...

Says it all as the head racist classifies NZ children by ethnicity.
there is an unquantified minority with hateful views. It's a minority with a very big voice

White mofos have had a gutsful and are giving it back in spades. Maorification (I love that word) continues apace, yet some online say what needs saying.

Can't stand the heat Mr de Bres? Is it any wonder you do not want to hear comments?
Thankfully your time is soon up. Your enabler, Mr Key will hear real commentary from the electorate come late November for his part in assisting racist separatists to the table.

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merlene said...

Has anyone who is concerned about sociopath behaviour and children seen the content of the x box games children play?
Whatever Paul Henry, Hone Harawira and Don Brash say is pittance to the sociopath script of an x box game, that children love to play.