Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Bound to get some treehuggers exercised

Horizons Regional Council has today approved two consents for North American energy companies Tag Oil Ltd and Apache Corporation to drill exploratory wells in Tararua.

Great, get on with the job of tapping into the oil that's been leaking out of the ground for a century or more.  It's not the first time for oil drilling in the area.

I suppose the town will now fill up with the professional treehugging protestors in their house buses and the like as drilling commences.  We've already got a local lynch mob of concerned citzenry trying to whip the populace into shape through public meetings with emotive ads about the dangers of fracking via the council weekly rag.

They'll be good company for the other dregs of society that seem to have infiltrated Dannevegas in recent times, as other jurisdictions like Wanganui have restricted their patch.  You can often see the idlers strutting their stuff like peacocks in the high street in their red coloured finery during the day.  And at night, an increased presence by Mr Plod has led to many being processed for incarceration.

Let the entertainment begin.

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