Monday, March 18, 2013

Drought continues: Still no rain [update]

A couple of spits yesterday, not even enough to fill pipes to tanks for a first flush.  Today's forecast could, like yesterday, bypass here east of Ruahines.  Time to get the water truck.

[update 1400]
Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyy!  First flush done, both tanks filling.  Then sun came out, that was it!


Keeping Stock said...

Hope there's more rain on the way for you this afternoon. We've had the best part of an inch of rain since midnight, with about that much more forecast this afternoon and tonight. At the moment there's quite a bit of thunder, and very steady rain.

PM of NZ said...

KS, I know it's been raining north and south of here, even in Dannevgas itself this morning. But here I remain sunbathing in a sauna, looking at the promising clouds of afar.