Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Union owes taxpayer, punter gets doorstepped by debt collector

I have received several requests that I repay a $22.78 [union] contribution which Novopay automatically made on my behalf when they paid me. I have made no effort to do so, since I never received that money ...

"Yesterday morning, a courier arrived and woke up my household. The delivery was a letter from Novopay informing me that debt collectors would be employed to take control of my $22.78 debt."

Once again a union failing to pay their bills.  Quite happy to receive the money, but as usual tardy in stumping up on debts and taxes.  So the punter gets doorstepped by a debt collector.  How's that work, then?  The base overpayment has been repaid, but the union component is outstanding and not forthcoming.  The fault lies with Novopay-union not Novopay-punter.

When is our Parliament going to excise us of these fraudulent rorting thieves?  Unions and their fellow travellers are quite happy to scream the odds over a pay system with a 1% failure rate (probably much better than the old Datacom system), but like the leftard MPs they support, very slow admit to fault on their part.

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