Monday, March 18, 2013

From the FFS files...

Three fire engines were called out to an Onehunga school this afternoon after reports of a mercury scare.  

Really?  Three bloody firetrucks were called out?  FFS!

I wonder how many taxpayer dollars that wasted mollycoddling the over-protected species of modern unionised teachers.  Next there'll be a national call for digital thermometers to reduce risk to the poor dears.  It will soon be a human right in their collective contracts.

Get real! Most real New Zealanders of a certain age would have more more elemental mercury rattling in their fillings than what could spill out of a bloody thermometer.

And I always can remember having to explain to my mother why the arse had been blown out of the glass clinical thermometer after I'd tried to fake a temperature to wag school for the day.  You see, she required scentific proof to not get on that school bus, so some mercury in the jug and her cuppa never did us any harm.


Andrei said...

A decontamination unit to clean up a busted thermometer?

I thought you were making that up - but no you weren't.

We live in a Monty Python skit

PM of NZ said...

Andrei - The esteemed Mr Cleese couldn't have envisaged such a scenario to script.