Thursday, March 14, 2013

Greens want more sin taxes [updated]

a capital gains tax
taxes ... to ... protect the environment
wealth transfer taxes

Thieving bastards.  The tax take goes ever upward.  My comment below.

It’s always about TAX, TAX and yet more TAX! Never once has a politician or one of these imported experts advised to reduce the total tax take. That’s because they have a vested interest in remaining on the political treadmill, bugger who is actually paying.
Your party in your view might be doing God’s work requiring real tax paying stiffs, ie those working, not being indulgent on a benefit, to pay for ill-perceived environmental sins. Meanwhile the next party in line has their wheels that need oiling with yet more tax.

One day a principled party will stand, saying enough is enough, work within the cloth you’ve got and actively work to reduce the total tax take.

Would be tax merchants don't like the response, have taken to deleting commentary.

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