Monday, March 11, 2013

Strike Two! [Update: MSM copies post theme]

Strike One:  Economy wrecking quakes demolish the Village of the Damned.

Strike Two: Country-wide economy wrecking drought.

Strike Three:  ???  wrecks the economy.

The Nats must be wondering what else might conspire to wreck the econmy before the 2014 election.

After all with Labour leaving the cupboard near bare late 2008, then the global markets tanking the economy has not had a good run of late.

Some possibilities to consider...

Maybe Len Brown gets another try at the poisoned chalice.

A tsunami could roll into the beltway.  Maybe Rangitoto II pops up just north of all those yuppies on Paratai Drive.  The long locked Alpine Fault could unlock.  Like an eruption, we are apparently well overdue for such events.

Or we could get all three together.  In one location.  Most would not consider it any great loss if the beltway was purged.

Anyway at least we know it will all be Labour's fault.

What next? A plague of locusts? Or frogs? Or boils? With half of the North Island officially deemed drought-affected - and the remainder fast heading that way - Bill English must be asking himself what he did in some past life to have seemingly so incensed the forces of nature.

The post theme is copied a day later. I note, without acknowledgement.

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