Sunday, March 17, 2013

Drought Update [update III]

With the picture as predicted for an hour's time I should drowning under all that rain.

But outside, the reality is I can still see stars here in Dannevegas.  One can only hope that the water pump on the house tank will not be sucking air today.

0730 Cows out on long acre.  Precipitation has commenced, mind you clouds are still high and I could piddle faster.   Looking at the rain radar/forecast, don't expect much today east of Ruahines.
[update II]
5 past 0730.  Precipitation ceased, sun struggling.

[update III]
1815 - still no rain, looked promising a few times.

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Keeping Stock said...

The rain has arrived in Wanganui; nice and steady. The sound of rain on the roof was great to wake up to! Hopefully it's headed your way soon.