Sunday, March 03, 2013

Outreach programme for bent Kiwi soldiers in Afghanistan

A distressed New Zealand soldier took his life in Afghanistan just hours after confessing his feelings for a male colleague of junior rank

The NZDF has to mollycoddle a queer in the ranks who has taken a shine to his oppo whilst on watch on the front-line graveyard shift.  Then he tops himself, because the feelings weren't reciprocated.

FFS!  Aren't these pricks supposed to be fighting a war, not running a front-line outreach programme for queers in the middle of the night?  NZDF really needs to get its priorities in place.

And an utterly disgusting headline to go with the story.  Made me want to puke, suggesting that he's a war hero because he was gay.

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Oswald Bastable said...

Life in the services is hard enough without making it harder for oneself!

Back in the day suicide would have not been needed- after someone slipped a grenade into his tent...