Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Nats find their moral compass?

It has to be... that someone is held to account...

... should never have been built, that should never have been consented and there is no one held to account

The Minister of Housing waxes lyrical about shutting the stable door because there's votes to be gained.  Too bad he doesn't apply similar logic to make local government accountable for signing the hundreds of leaky buildings off. 

Oh, that's right, there's no votes in extending their piss weak moral compass that far.


ZenTiger said...

Your headline brought me in, and I'm somewhat relieved to find they hadn't actually found their moral compass.

It's so far up their arse, it's now full of shit. It possibly points any way the wind blows, but wind from that area isn't exactly fresh in any event.

As you can tell, I still haven't forgiven them for totally ignoring the s59 referendum. Mainly because they have proved time and again that their bad attitude to democracy was not a one off.

PM of NZ said...

Agree ZT, the cureent crop of bloody politicians of all hues are willing to sell their souls, principles and grandmothers for votes.

Any with a sniff of morals willing to take a stand on stated principles would do well.