Sunday, September 21, 2014

An ABC win

The union factions and machinations that placed him as leader have reaped a political whirlwind of fire.  None of their people made it via the backdoor list vote.  Anything that reduces the union effect makes me happy.  I await the NZEI and PPTA statements post election re the sky is falling.

At 24% the ABC faction won on the day, having successfully kneecapped their beloved party. 

And wasn't it delicious to see the German's paid lapdog trying to get her party's message across when interviewed.  Not willing to speak ill of her employer, but wishing to fan the flames for a phoenix like result in three years time, she was real keen to change the on camera message.  At least her employer was gracious in defeat.

Speaking of being gracious, the other player in the iMP fiasco reacted otherwise when confronted with the finality of his total loss.  No doubt his ilk (and the likes of the Popata bros) will unleash in your face hikois from hell on the country for the next three years.  I'm sure that will further endear his team of modern day terrorist activists and henchmen to future voters.

At least we've still got GST on our fruit and vege, keeping a level tax base that works without exemption favours.  No reversals of employment laws, no envy taxes and best of all, no Cold Granny Tax.

And the tree-hugging swivel-eyed feral loons that make up the watermelons have been kept on their leash out of government yet again.  One day they'll note that New Zealand Inc does not want or need more socialism, envy taxes or blatant communism.  If only they'd stuck to their knitting.

The sun is trying to rise round these parts, well done the ABC team that has made these next three years a pleasure to look forward to. 

Now for the nice Mr Key to deal to the RMA and employment laws.  Quickly followed by cutting welfare to the bone.


Barry said...

But first cancel all laws and government policies that discriminate in favour of part-maoris and Pacific islanders - and cancel treaty settlements.

Angry Tory said...

I await the NZEI and PPTA statements post election re the sky is falling.

Given that Cam Slater is the real winner of his election - and he - like every other mainstream Kiwi wants those commies out of our schools - it's well past time the sky does fall on the NZEI & PPTA!

A "government employee accountability bill" like that proposed by Act would ban union membership & voting by govt employees including teachers. Can't think of many better ideas for an absolute National majority govt to start off with, myself.

Mr Key to deal to the RMA and employment laws.

Hell yeah! Right to work; union money out of politics; no employer union deductions; no union protections in law; businesses able to sue for increases in costs; protestors and strikers personally liable for loss of business income.... or just go the whole hog and ban them outright!

cutting welfare to the bone

basher Bennet's promised to chop 25% off welfare in the next three years - the only way she can manage that is just by stopping benefits to 1/4 of the bludgers - there's still 3/4 to go of course.

And the vast mass of WFF bludgers, state school bludgers, state house bludgers, state health bludgers....

next three years a pleasure

not just the next three - next six for sure, next twelve with ACT + Conservatives coming in to the coalition.

PM of NZ said...

Barry and AT. Agree wholeheartedly. Unfortunately I do not hold much hope for any of these coming to fruition in short term. Key has his nether regions firmly on the centre fence, he will squander this political capital. There'll never be another chance to clear out the unionised and the racists.

The Gantt Guy said...

Angry Tory "Given that Cam Slater is the real winner of his (sic) election ..."

What complete and utter tosh. ProgBlogger Blubber Boy got taken out the back of the bike sheds and severely dealt to by the law of unintended consequences. He was directly responsible for his favoured pick for Key's successor - Crusher Collins - losing her cabinet post and, at least for the foreseeable future, consigned to the back benches.

As with most scenarios in life, if the answer is "Cameron Slater", you're asking the wrong damned question.

PM of NZ said...

Touchy, touchy GG. If the favoured one wishes to muster the dark arts of attack blogging and she gets tarred along the way, maybe it is another bullet NZ has dodged. Being easily swayed from her long term goal by one person does not make her future leader material.

The Gantt Guy said...

PM, I wasn't passing judgement on Collins. It wouldn't surprise me at all if they're not all up to it. Anyone who thinks Liarbore don't feed the trolls at The Stranded must walk around with their head firmly planted up their own orifice.

Collins' crime was getting caught. Nothing more, nothing less. And there but by the grace of the almighty go any of the 121 of the mendacious scum.

My point was in reply to Tory's comment that Slater "won" the election.