Monday, September 22, 2014

The blood sport starts today

Less than 24 hours after Labour's historic drubbing at the polls and the knives were already out, with the party's MPs scrambling yesterday to mount a challenge to oust embattled leader David Cunliffe.

Senior MPs are angry at Mr Cunliffe's apparent lack of repentance for Labour's dismal result in his concession speech when he appeared to avoid taking blame, and instead used it to launch his own re-election bid.

I look forward to a high body count.  Meanwhile over here,

Ill-discipline, mini-scandals and Kim Dotcom's silence during The Moment of Truth damaged Internet-Mana's vote and may yet see the end of the Internet Party, leader Laila Harre says.

The result puts the future of the Internet Party in doubt.

Ms Harre said it was "extremely difficult" to grow a party without MPs.

Asked if this was the end of the party, she said: "I don't know ... The electoral environment for new parties is extremely hostile and very favourable to the incumbents."

The floor will be awash with blood.  Wonder when her running mate is going to front and acknowledge his defeat?

Memo to oneself:
Get out the popcorn, pull up a comfy chair and prepare to be entertained.   The internecine fighting will be epic.

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