Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The MEGA reveal: Was that it?

Over hyped for months, the long promised bombshell was a huge MEGA yawn fest on the night.  Even with infamous traitors brought in from afar.

The only enjoyable part is knowing that the leftie conspiracy theorists, iMP racist nutters and watermelon greenie loons hanging on the very outcome will now know they've been had.  And they've done their chances for a game changer at the ballot box next Saturday.  Dot Crim was only looking after himself.

I for one am comfortable knowing that someone is looking out for New Zealand's interests when there are so many these days white-anting NZ Inc from within.


Was intrigued by this;

he further claimed the NSA operates a ''facility'' in Auckland and in the north of the country

I guess he's confirming traffic at Warkworth satellite station is subject to monitoring.  Not unexpected in this world of terrorists and leftie subversives. 

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Anonymous said...

I'd prefer unidentified persons were spying on me than being spied on by the ilk of Harre,Hagar et al.Weirdos all of them!