Tuesday, September 23, 2014

NZ made the right decision

David Cunliffe is now in an all-out war with with his caucus. At an extraordinary press conference at Parliament this morning, the Labour leader insisted he would not step aside as leader

reiterated his desire for a leadership primary - but refused to acknowledge that the only way such a primary could be triggered was for the caucus to deliver a vote of no confidence in him

a train wreck

Whilst these clowns knife each other to see if they've got the guts to roll him, New Zealand can rejoice that the Right decision was made last Saturday.


Anonymous said...

Such arrogance.

Imagine if he'd become PM. Oh, how unbearable would he have been??
Yep, NZ at large gave Cunliffe the boot. So should the party and the caucus. But will they?

and Key has absolute power...too much maybe...?!! Still prefer Key over Cunliife all the same.


pdm said...

Rupet - it depends on how Key uses that power. So far he is making most of the right noises apart from his apparent obsession with changing the Flag.