Friday, September 05, 2014

Minor party leaders: Fail, except one

Wasted the last hour watching the minor parties prostituting themselves for votes.

The message I got (except for one) was

We will tax the crap out of you

The only one that gave their party vision clearly was the Conservatives.  Colin was streets ahead of the other would be thieves.

The rest were "you will feed our rugrats, whilst we tax you heaps for the public good".   Guess what?  The bludgers that currently get every handout known to taxpaying man and still want more can get stuffed!   All of them looking to raise more taxes to pay their voters at my expense.

ACT wonders why they languish at 0.1%?  Give us your 30 second party summary - one sentence in, Jamie Whyte starts rubbishing other parties present.  Loser!

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