Friday, September 19, 2014

PM calls PM: The air of desperation...

the economics of chaos

Desperation has obviously set in amongst those vying for my two ticks with one sleep to go.

Yours truly took a 30 second or so phone call mid evening from the nice Mr Key.  A party political broadcast none the less, but very nice of him to call personally after his whistle-stop through Dannevegas yesterday.   Or was it the day before?  /sarc

Not one pollie has thus far darkened my doorstep for my vote, long may it continue.  Rural voters in the regions may be sparse requiring some legwork on the part those needing my vote, but it would be nice to see them try occasionally.  Remind me, who was Mr John Hayes?

The gist of the message suggested that I should carefully consider my vote, it was heavily aligned to giving two ticks to those of a dark blue persuasion and not let in the left with their 'economics of chaos'.

A fitting thought indeed, one that cannot be argued otherwise, but unfortunately for Mr Key my two ticks might not be the shade of blue he desperately asks for.

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