Friday, September 19, 2014

Dud judge fails to throw away key on career mobster

A gang member with an extensive history of violence has avoided a sentence of preventive detention for the second time.

Robert Winterburn, 47, has spent most of his adult life in jail, with convictions for manslaughter and attempted murder.

When he appeared before Justice Potter in 1997, she warned him that if he ever appeared in court again there would be no option but a sentence of preventive detention.

Warned in 1997, fast forward to 2014 where the Judiciary is awash with softcock judges.

Waipukurau Mongrel Mob member appeared for sentencing on his latest raft of offences before Justice Joe Williams in the High Court at Napier yesterday

offences included rape and threatening to kill

had "the history of a dangerous and violent gangster", but he was reluctant to sentence him to preventive detention

Really?  At 47, he's not going to change or reform.  You should have thrown the key away, instead of in 5 years he'll be back on the streets ready for more crime with nothing to lose.

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