Monday, September 22, 2014

The Right is good news for the economy

The NZX50 index was up 1.27 per cent at 5247.09 just after 11am. 

Post election not even lunchtime, excellent news, mainly due to the envy taxes the thieving left wanted to impose on power generators not materialising.

And now this later today;

Aucklanders reportedly flocked to open homes on Sunday, surer of their spending power post-election.

Let the good news keep coming.

You've got to wonder how the rabid left ever gets a country to move forward when their punitive policies do nothing but put NZ Inc on the back foot from day one.

Unfortunately it is only 1000 days (give or take a few) till the left would offer more bribes using my hard earnt money for bludgers to do nothing but wreck the economy.

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