Saturday, September 27, 2014

And, in the red corner...

ABC wins!

Goff, Shearer, now Cunliffe.  Another Labour loser joins the ranks of has been leftie wannabes.  The list grows, who will be the next to sup from the poisoned cup?  

But at least now we'll get to see the real blood sport entertainment as the queers take on the unions.  Handbags at 20 paces!


Anonymous said...

If Silent T doesn't get re-elected as leader, then NZ is robbed of comedy gold. No more gaffe of the day!
And who is he going to pretend to be this time?
How many apologies can he rack up in a year?

Angru Tory said...

Who gives a shit? Labour isn't going to be in govt, for at least 2 terms, probably 3.

Frankly a Cons/ACT coalition in, say, 2020, is more likely than a Labour government.

the conservative said...

I think Shearer will throw his hat in the ring and ruin the homosexual circus.

PM of NZ said...

None of the contenders on offer are leadership material. NZLP is in a fast circling death spiral, the forthcoming entertainment is comedy gold. To think that a quarter of voters actually believe in these losers is really frightening.