Friday, September 26, 2014

Labour Party policies left much to be desired


1. $60 a week baby bonus - where did this help families that are having a tough time now? It didn't, it's a stupid idea.
2. Raising minimum wage twice in the coming year - another stupid idea. Why on earth would you raise something that should be seen as entry level only?
3. Doubling paid parental leave - something that is not as popular as some would have us believe. The taxpayer should not be paying for this.
4. Handing more money to those on benefits - the benefit system is fairly generous and handing out even more money is not the way to stop people staying on benefits for life.
5. Capital gains tax - no problem with that if the family home is left out of the equation, but if someone inherits their family's primary residence, this should also be tax free. My children shouldn't have to be taxed on what I leave to them.
6. Raising superannuation age - why on earth pick on the elderly when so many youth are unemployed? Fix unemployment first.
7. Focussing too much on gender selection, gay rights etc - mainstream NZ are not interested.

Suggested fixes:

1. Leave David Cunliffe where he is - changing leaders all the time is not a good look.
2. Go back to core principles such as fairness in everything, not just wanting to tax the better off to give to those that choose their lifestyle of not working.
3. Tax free threshold of at least $10,000 instead of tax cuts.
Tax cuts only benefit the wealthy. A tax free threshold, which could steadily rise over time, benefits everyone the same - the poorer people will benefit and the wealthy will save it. It's a win win all round.
4. Do not raise minimum wage. Instead, reinstate service allowances like we used to have years ago, where the longer you stayed at a job the higher your wage was.
There is no point raising minimum wage for entry level jobs, it should not be a career choice. But if you keep putting it up you must also raise everybody else's salaries accordingly, to be fair.
5. I do agree with National's policies on beneficiaries and state housing. We shouldn't accept these people for life in a house or on a benefit.
6. Stop focussing on gender issues, mainstream New Zealand does not care about this.
I note Louise Wall moaning about losing votes because of her gay marriage bill and she is right on the money with that. New Zealanders wanted a referendum on that, nothing more, yet were denied and she has paid the price for arrogance.
7. Stop pandering to those in society who do not get out and vote. That was a big mistake this time. All those handouts you were offering were for those that are too lazy to go and vote, so what a waste of time that was.

8. Keep away from the Greens - sorry, but they will turn New Zealand back a century or two - they did not help you last time.

Damned right about the treehuggers!  They are the kiss of death for any party looking for a coalition partner.

The rest is common sense, which those that actually voted appear to have in spades rejecting Labour's bribes.  As at #7, stop trying to bribe the indolent bludgers, they will not get off their arses to vote.

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