Friday, December 21, 2007

10 Radical paths for warmists to take

Wired has 10 very radical, some say crazy, geo-engineering solutions to the supposed problem raised by global warming. Just wait till those rabid frogs see these and wag a few tails.

In no particular order,

  1. Vertical Framing - turn carparks / skyscrapers / walls into vertical farms.
  2. Better Cows - stop methane prodicing feeds, give the cows diabetes with high sugar feeds
  3. Carbon Scrubbers - 300m goalposts everywhere sucking CO2 out of the sky - think you have a problem with 70m pylons?
  4. Hurricane Control - throw in a bit of dust to slow/deflect storm - and you need some lawyers and spin doctors to risk-manage deflected storms
  5. Cloud Making Ships - puffy low clouds reflect sunlight - who needs ships? Connect hose for hot air directly to Beehive.
  6. Better Trees - get heavily into GM to up their CO2 capabilities.
  7. Ocean Fertilization - add heaps of nutrients to cause CO2 gobbling plankton blooms. Are we already doing that?
  8. Made Made Mt Pinutabo - drop a few nukes to produce a bit of sunlight stopping dust.
  9. Space Mirrors - we all really want to live in 24x7 darkness, right?
  10. Status Quo - stick your head in sand or in any other orifice of your choice.

I wonder how many of these we will see implemented in the next 5-10 years if we keep following the IPCC GoreBull Warmists down their path?

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