Saturday, December 15, 2007

Winnie gets good PR

Good on Starship for having the moral fibre to reject the Winnie First payment of illegally gained electoral funds. They have stood up and rejected it on the grounds that it "wasn't proper philanthrophy". More like the board did not like the heat.

As an aside, Mr Mogridge of the board seems to be unable to stay away from tainted public monies, that was a story a long time ago. He must like the PR too.

Unfortunately, I know that any PR is good PR, Winnie will be laughing all the way the election booth bank. He is now front and centre, with all cameras firmly focussed, being the Christmas talking point over the upcoming leave period, ready to fight yet another election. Never write off anyone suffering from vertically challenged syndrome.

Should there be any voters out there that feel that Starship is the loser, you may make an anonymous, or otherwise if you really need the PR, donation to Starship at this page.

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