Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Liabour blinks

As the astute commenter AGJ on Kiwiblog suggests, Liabour has blinked, offering an 11th hour deal on the EFB. National is rightly miffed.
The Government's offer today to talk to us is both very surprising after two years and a measure of their desperation

Damned right, they are desperate. Granny has run a late story summing up both sides of the active debate.

Having half listened to the first hour of the live debate, the main thrust from the government seems to be wreaking vengeance on National for their failed bid for the 2005 election. Doesn't matter that democracy actually worked and did not get them in.

A cynic might think that this bill really smacks of self-preservation for the corrupt Liabour.

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Inventory2 said...

PM - similar sentiments on my blog:


Labour blinked - and Key and English stared them down. Is this the first small fissure in the Labour dam?