Monday, December 24, 2007

Loose unit need locking up

A Christchurch barely legal legend in his own lunchtime needs locking up for his own protection.

A quick scan of the list below proves home detention is not an option.
  • Girlfriend ditches him
  • Next night, gets on turps
  • Argues at pub with girl and aunt
  • Girls ditch him again
  • Goes home, makes 3x molotovs early am
  • Drives to GF's in dad's pricey car, still under the influence
  • Balaclava on
  • Biffs one thru aunt's window at some ungodly hour
  • Fails to ignite, occupants ditch molotov onto drive
  • Ignites
  • He drives off, still pissed, into the dawn
  • Slams into parked car
  • Parked car hits another parked car and power pole
  • Goes home to mum
  • Mum dobs him in to cops
  • Cops arrest him for drink driving
Home detention is too good for this nutter, he needs locking up for his own safety, as well as mine and maybe yours.

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