Monday, December 17, 2007

Banks gives Helen the bird

After all the posturing over stadium, Mr Banks has got the government to stump up for most of the funding for the eyesore in Helen's patch. See they had the money all the time, it just took someone to stand up those hiding in the beltway. The cut of the cloth is even bigger.

Now all I need is the spineless Mr Lee of the Auckland Robbery Company to announce they will NOT be giving any rates taxes to this private enterprise. Only then I will believe in Santa again.

Who says Christmas doesn't come early. Trev must be real pissed, this was his baby, now his name will not be on the plaque. Still, Helen needs to bribe Jafalanders anyway she can after this fiasco. Not to mention that other topic up for a final outing tomorrow. Showing sod all support for the AB's might be an election crippler for any pollie looking to dine in trough in 10 months time.

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